Ergonomic Assessments

Home or Office - We advise how to set up your workstation to achieve a neutral posture; we consider environmental influences & equipment.

It includes positioning; methods of working; and proactive self-management.

Early Intervention

For pain at work - our skilled therapists are trained to identify and address contributing factors; we provide strategies to modify work practice and for self-management. Our approach enhances performance & pain is resolved.


EnableWorks provides effective telephone intervention for people working remotely. It includes Ergonomic assessment (as above) and education; also Early Intervention Pain Assessment for those experiencing pain at work.

Workplace Clinic

Our monthly onsite intervention - a bespoke, cost effective approach to preventing gradual process injuries and loss of productivity. Can include: ergonomic induction for new employees; safe work practice; early intervention for pain and discomfort.


Group Education; Train the Trainer; Review of Workstation Setups following refurbishment, introduction of new equipment, relocation to new premises.

Testimonials are available on request

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