Case managers or employer representatives can triage using our licensed programme to identify biopsychosocial responses at no cost. This will determine if a full assessment is required to measure influential factors & guide management.

Psychosocial Assessment

The primary purpose of the assessment is to assist the individual to gain insight into how their beliefs and behaviours are influencing their recovery. Only then will they understand why learning and adopting self-care strategies is critical.

Coaching in Self Management

Learn self-care strategies for pain, distress, and disability which can be applied at work and throughout life. Coaching is integrated with the Return to Work Plan normalising the rehabilitation process.

An online self-report questionnaire provides an accurate measurement of perceptions and attitudes allowing pre and post measurement after intervention. Results are reported into meaningful categories, motivating the individual to overcome influences.

Immediate Reporting


Structured Biopsychosocial  (BPS) coaching delivers strong work-health outcomes. When all parties collaborate from end to end excellent outcomes are guaranteed!

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Work is central to wellbeing

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