Quick Response

Our onsite early intervention is highly effective in preventing lost time injuries. We encourage employees to report pain or discomfort at work. Contributing factors are identified, safe work practice is promoted and self-management is fostered.

Manual Handling

Our lifting and handling training is tailored to specific tasks; and is carried out on the floor.Workers are educated in safe lifting, handling, pushing and pulling techniques to prevent injuries.  It includes warm-ups and stretches.

Fit for Duty Testing

Ensure existing workers and prospective employees are capable of performing the job demands. A medical interview, musculoskeletal screen, manual lifting and simulated tasks will determine a person's capability.

Ergonomic Risk Assessment

Prevent musculoskeletal injuries by identifying ergonomic risks when performing job tasks, using equipment or machinery. We provide advice to employers when purchasing new equipment or designing new work areas to avoid costly redesigns.

Workplace Clinics

EnableWorks monthly onsite intervention is cost-effective; it includes triage and focuses on safe work practice and self management. It encourages and normalises early reporting; a pro-active approach to preventing lost time injuries.

Be Proactive, Prevent Lost time Injuries and Associated Costs

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