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Employee Onboarding & Injury Prevention

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Ergonomic Assessment and Safe Work Practice (Office)

Extended computer usage can lead to ongoing health-related issues including musculoskeletal disorders which can be preventable. Whether staff work at home or in the Office,


EnableWorks provides relevant advice on setting up the workstation to achieve a neutral posture. We consider environmental influences, equipment, positioning, methods of working and proactive self-management.

This assessment applies to staff working from home or the office.

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

Manual Handling Training 

EnableWorks lifting and handling training is tailored specifically to the job tasks and is carried out on the floor. Workers are encouraged to take responsibility for warm-ups and stretches, they are educated in safe lifting and handling techniques to prevent injuries or pain at work.

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Ergonomic Risk Assessment (Industry)

A Risk Assessment matches the workers with the task/equipment and considers repetition, task variation and organisational factors.

If you have a problem work area or task that is causing concern or a spike in injuries, we recommend performing an Ergonomic Risk Assessment.

Hotline Consultant

Triage using Abilita Programme

Under EnableWorks licensed Abilita programme, case managers or employer representatives can use our triage tool as a screen to confirm the presence of psychosocial factors - at no cost.


By completing this step, it will determine if a full assessment is required to measure influential psychosocial factors & guide management through coaching by the therapist assigned to work with your staff member. 

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EnableWorks can provide services no matter where your staff are located through effective telephone or video conferencing intervention.

Telehealth is an alternative to face-to-face intervention especially for remote workers and during COVID-19 Alert Level Lockdowns.


Services include an Ergonomic Assessment and an Early Intervention Assessment for those experiencing pain at work.

Paying at the Store

Early Intervention Assessments

Pain at work impacts on productivity and well-being. By encouraging staff to report pain or discomfort early, EnableWorks' skilled therapists will provide solutions and self management strategies to overcome pain at work.

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Workplace Clinic

As part of the staff wellbeing programme, EnableWorks provides a bespoke, cost-effective approach to early intervention and injury prevention. Our therapists visit the worksite once a month to meet with the health and safety representative, and assess staff who may be experiencing pain or discomfort.  Self-management strategies and ergonomic solutions are provided for problem work areas, or new staff may be inducted in workstation set up and safe work practice. 

This approach builds trust between the therapist, staff and the health and safety representative. It also catches minor discomforts early which helps to prevent the onset of gradual process injuries and loss of productivity.

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Psychosocial Assessment

The mental wellbeing of staff is as important as their physical health. If they are unwell, their productivity is affected. EnableWorks believes that taking the time to understand, evaluate and invest in your employee’s health is critical. EnableWorks uses Abilita, a licensed, evidence based program which features an Online Self-report Questionnaire.


The assessment results are reported into meaningful categories and provide insight into beliefs and behaviours that influence recovery and performance. The results can be shared with workplace senior management.

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Coaching in Self Management

Under the Abilita licensed program, EnableWorks therapists are provided with the resources to facilitate bio-psychosocial coaching which delivers strong work-health outcomes. Strategies for self management and self-care strategies for pain, distress, and disability can be applied at work and also in everyday lives. 

When all parties collaborate from end to end excellent outcomes are guaranteed!

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