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At EnableWorks, we are passionate about health and wellbeing. EnableWorks can support employers to keep your employees comfortable, safe and productive at work through our unique range of services.


A fundamental requirement of a healthy workplace is characterised by eliminating or minimising musculoskeletal risk factors that impact on workers. EnableWorks occupational therapists are skilled at identifying ergonomic risk factors and recommending low-cost solutions to reduce pain and injury at work


From recruitment to retirement, our services address each stage of an individual’s working life.

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Pre-employment Services

Hiring the right person for the job in an INDUSTRY setting is key to injury prevention, productivity and staff retention.

Employee Onboarding Services

Ensure new employees are introduced to and trained on health & safety practices to avoid injuries

Return to Work

When a staff member is injured or falls ill, EnableWorks will help them to return to work in a safe manner to ensure they are mentally and physically ready.

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