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Return to or
Remain at Work



While businesses endeavour to have injuries at work minimised through various early intervention activities, sometimes, accidents and illness happen. When a staff member is injured or falls ill, EnableWorks will help them to return to work in a safe manner to ensure they are mentally and physically ready. Services can include:

Workplace Assessment


We assess the person against the job demands and their capability to carry out these work requirements. The assessment includes identifying physical and psychosocial barriers. It also includes education to remediate and overcome identified issues.


Return to Work  -  Planning and Support


Following on from a Workplace Assessment, a structured and graded return to work programme may be required to enable a safe return to full duties.


Psychosocial Assessment and Coaching


Psychosocial factors can be a barrier to recovery resulting in a delayed return to work outcome. An Abilita psychosocial assessment will confirm if this is the case, or not. If Coaching is required, it is combined with return to work support. 


Objective, evidence-based reports can be provided to the employer’s representatives  showing analyses that depict pre and post-programme results and outcomes.

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Fit for Duty Assessment (FFD)

FFD Testing will determine current functional capabilities for consideration of light or modified duties, or rehabilitation. Suitable when:

  • An employee may not be able to perform essential job tasks

  • When there is a threat to health and safety

  • When an employer has concerns about impairment of function due to an underlying medical condition

  • When there has been a long period of absence and returning to heavy work

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