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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am looking for a new company to help us develop our health and safety and wellbeing programme. Do you provide a free consultation?
    Yes, we will provide a free onsite consultation and quote for services that are deemed suitable for your business.
  • Our workforce is scattered across New Zealand, can you deliver these services nationwide such as ergonomic assessment, early intervention programmes?"
    Yes, we have the capability to deliver face to face services at other centres We can also provide telehealth service to remote workers when travel is not possible (via video conferencing or telephone).
  • Do you deliver ACC workplace rehabilitation?
    You can request EnableWorks to perform workplace assessments and return to work rehabilitation as we have a sub-contracting arrangement with one of the ACC suppliers. This brings continuity when EnableWorks is working with businesses delivering injury prevention and early intervention services. Having knowledge of your business, the roles and physical job demands greatly enhances the rehabilitation process and outcome.
  • We have a number of shoulder injuries occurring since installing a new state of the art machine. We are unsure why this could be happening. Are you able to suggest a service?
    Yes- An Ergonomic Risk Assessment is recommended. This will identify any issues that have lead to these injuries, solutions will be proffered in consultation with you.
  • One of our staff is struggling to perform some of their duties. They have an underlying health condition and we are concerned that the job may be putting them or others at risk of injury. How can you help?
    A Fit for Duty Test will focus on the essential job tasks and the person’s underlying condition, and what he/she can do safely. Recommendations will be made to accommodate the person short term, and a rehab plan will be provided to enable a return to full duties if appropriate.



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