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Calm those interview nerves

Eeek! Practical ways to calm interview nerves.

  1. Practise makes perfect- google some common interview questions and start thinking about how you would answer these. Practise in front of the mirror, in the car or ask a friend or family member to quiz you. Jot down some answers in a notebook and refer to these the night before or the day of the interview to refresh your memory and give you some confidence going into the interview

  2. Knowledge is power – Learn as much as you can about your potential employer. Google their website, search their Facebook page and LinkedIn and read up on their company visions and values. This will increase your levels of comfort and familiarity with the company not to mention help you answer the age-old question of ‘So why do you want to work for us?’

  3. Give yourself a break- plan to do something you enjoy the day before or the morning of the interview. You must care for yourself when searching for employment. The uncertain nature can cause anxiety and stress so don’t forget to schedule exercise, catch up with friends and things to look forward to. Chances are, the more relaxed you are feeling, the better you will perform in an interview

  4. Practical planning- Go for a drive past the interview site if you aren’t familiar with where to go or search the location on maps to see what sort of route is best. What sort of parking is available? Should you allow extra time for school traffic? Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to give yourself a moment to settle into your environment and take a deep breath. This preparation will provide 1 less thing to think about on the day.

  5. Deep breaths- Spend time practising mindfulness if you are getting caught up in it all. There are some excellent guided meditations on YouTube that you can follow if you aren’t sure where to start

Everyone is different and we all calm our nerves in different ways. Think about what might work best for you. Expect some nerves- it's totally normal and shows you care about this opportunity. Remember, you have been shortlisted from what may be a long list of applicants- you are doing well so far!

Kelsey is a passionate Career Consultant working for Enable Works. Kelsey has full CDANZ membership and has excellent experience working alongside a wide range of people at all stages of their careers. Kelsey is skilled in providing pre-employment preparation, interview skills coaching, CV preparation and job search support.

Kelsey can be reached on 022 369 6072 or

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