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Job search notebook

This might sound like overkill but hear me out;

Keeping a job search journal (or phone notes) can be a tremendously helpful tool when you are on the hunt. It only takes 5 minutes to jot down the key questions asked in an interview, how you answered these, what went well and what didn’t. Other points to ask yourself in your entries include;

· What question stumped me the most?

· What went well?

· What could I do differently next time?

This is a really practical way to improve on your interview skills, build confidence and familiarity in what you can come to expect from a job interview. When prepping for your next interview you can refer back to this to feel more prepared than ever.

Hopefully you land the first position you interview for but failing that, a little self-reflection never hurt anybody!

Kelsey is a passionate Career Consultant working for Enable Works. Kelsey has full CDANZ membership and has excellent experience working alongside a wide range of people at all stages of their careers. Kelsey is skilled in providing pre-employment preparation, interview skills coaching, CV preparation and job search support.

Kelsey can be reached on 022 369 6072 or

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